Lumino Complex Serum

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Moisturizing Serum YEU

Lumino Complex Serum

Complex-serum for skin radiance:

  • Complex pigmentation control
  • Radiant skin every day
  • Health and beauty of your skin

The gentle serum for daily use provides a complex effect for beauty and radiance of your skin. Brightening complex of arbutin and licorice root extract controls the production of melanin, the skin pigment, reduces the intensity of pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin. Chestnut and canadian willowherb extracts align the complexion, reduce inflammation, improve microcirculation.

Apply with light massage a small amount of serum to face and neck until completely absorbed. Use the cream afterwards.
OOO «Cvet Prirody»
30 ml
Shelf life:
36 months from the date of manufacture
Storage conditions:
Store at a temperature of 5° C to 25°C and a relative humidity of not more than 70%
Экстракт солодки глицериновый, Экстракт каштана глицериновый, Kombuchka (Saccharomyces Xylinum Black Tea Ferment), Экстракт каштана глицериновый, Экстракт кипрея канадского, Арбутин, Гиалуроновая кислота, Д-пантенол, Токоферол ацетат

Lumino Complex SerumLumino Complex Serum In serum Lumino Complex Serum one of the components is:

Organic oil Karite is 80% composed of medicinal organic compounds - triglycerides. It is this component that directly participates in the process of healthy nutrition of healthy cells of the human body with useful elements, including skin. In its composition there are no various kinds of dyes, fragrances and other artificial impurities. Despite the solid consistency of natural oil, it is completely absorbed into the skin, making it soft, moisturized, beautiful and healthy. The restoring effect saturates the damaged skin with new energy, providing a gradual restoration of dry, thin and mature skin. It has no contraindications, as well as age restrictions.