Essential Nutri-Lifting

YEU Anti-Aging Remedies

The beauty and grooming of a woman at any age is largely a condition of the skin, which depends on a number of factors - genetics, age, health, mood.

The Essential Nutri-Lifting line is the only right choice for dealing with age-related changes in the facial, neck and décolleté skin and defeating them. Cosmetic elixirs of the Essential Nutri-Lifting line provide a guaranteed, exceptionally professional solution to the basic problems of the aging skin:

  • Instant lifting and a clear face oval
  • Protection against the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Full nutrition and visible tonus of tired skin
  • Alignment of facial wrinkles

Essential Nutri-Lifting cosmetics harmonize the physiological balance of the skin, increase tissue tension and homogeneity of the microrelief, saturate the skin with unique nutrients.