About the brand

Philosophy of Brenda YEU Cosmetics

What inspired us to create a cream line of cosmetics and brand YEU?

Each woman is individual and beautiful, her eyes, her skin is a reflection of the harmony of her soul, her inner state. In this idea there is a flip side, the more a woman is satisfied with her reflection in the mirror, the happier, calmer, more joyful she is, and, as you know, if she is happy, everyone is happy. So, the woman's happiness was our first inspiration.

Creating the cosmetic YEU lines, we thought about the breadth and beauty of the nature of our planet, fragrant herbs and colors of all shades of the rainbow, about valuable oils and the most useful components for our beauty that were included in our creams, all recipes use the resource as fully as possible Nature. Therefore, our second inspiration is nature, naturalness and usefulness.

Further sensations and emotions ... It was very important for us to convey the mood, positive emotions and love for beauty, so our packages are not just of good quality and well thought out for ergonomics of use, but also aesthetically beautiful, matte jars are nice to take in hands, they are like Velvet ... A well-designed package design, stylish and minimalistic on the one hand, and when turning - colored and emotional, as if casually reminds the aspirations of the modern bride to be different, and at the same time be yourself. Gentle light textures of creams and serums are weightless when applied, and, at the same time, carefully solve real skin problems. We study and open recipes to create the perfect products for care and treatment.

So, the main ideology of YEU cosmetics is health and beauty.

The YEU logo is a graphic representation of love, as we see it. Disinterested and pure love between people, so different, but so complementary. It is a reflection of kindness and happiness. Harmony of opposites. Two centers in the image tend to each other, and what does not match ... Love is dynamics, moving to a meeting, it is precisely the two opposing elements that are rotating that come into contact with the centers, in other words, so our hearts open to meet each other.

We humans touch each other in love, like the two halves. Romantic? Yes! And this, in our opinion, is the main meaning of love. If you also love, then we coincide. And we do our favorite things, kind, good - with love. Cosmetics YEU Dermal Experts Skincare is the best of sensory cosmetics - and drops of morning dew in moisturizers, and silk veils for sensitive skin, and matte velvet for oily skin care, and luxurious beauty elixirs to effectively combat age-related changes.