Correct and regular care is a guarantee of beauty!

What does the concept "correctly" include?

This saying is true for many areas, but we will dwell in more detail on facial care. It is important to understand that you need to take care of your skin not only by properly chosen methods and means, but also regularly. It's like with physical exercises - if you do it right (from the technical point of view), but irregularly, you will not achieve the desired result. What does the concept "correctly" include?

There are several general recommendations that will suit all skin types:

  • Bases of care: carefully cleaned of impurities, tone, moisturized;
  • Wash with boiled or filtered water;
  • After washing carefully we impregnate the skin with a towel to avoid microdamage;
  • When using scrubs, avoid the area of the lips and around the eyes (for the lips there are special scrubs and cleansers);
  • Deeply clean the skin in the evening and do not use afterwards decorative cosmetics;
  • We drink water and eat right (because the skin is our "litmus test", which shows that something is wrong in the body);
  • Protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays with sunscreens.

Further we will consider various definitions of a skin - normal, dry, fat, mixed, problem, sensitive. It is important to understand that only 4 types of skin can be distinguished: normal, dry, oily, mixed (combination). As for the concepts of problem and sensitive - these are characteristics that do not depend on the type of skin, but features that require a special approach.


Owners of this type of skin are really lucky, because it means that the skin looks beautiful and healthy, is not prone to excessive fatness or dryness. Distinctive features - facial skin in a tone, smooth, evenly colored and as if shining from the inside. In a word, a gift from nature. But do not relax, because if you do not take care of it, eventually it will start acquiring the characteristics of a dry type - there may be feelings of tightness and dryness, the skin will react to any weather whims (the sun and frost will cause redness, the skin will begin to peel off), begin to appear Visible wrinkles.

  1. In the morning - cleansing the skin, washing with cool water, rubbing your face with ice or frozen herbal decoction, light massage with pads to improve blood circulation, day cream.
  2. In the evening - thorough cleansing from contamination, the use of tonic and moisturizing night cream.
  3. Regularly (about once a week) the normal skin needs to be cleaned from the keratinized cells with scrubs.


Such skin requires more thorough care, because it looks thin and weak, sometimes even grayish, does not retain and lose fat and moisture, resulting in fast aging. On the weather, she reacts sharply - staying in the sun, wind or frost can lead to redness, flaking and even tingling. Care for such a skin is needed carefully so as not to injure her.

  1. In the morning - washing with warm water, toning, use of a day time moisturizer. In the evening - cleansing from pollution, tonic, moisturizing. In winter it is better to use a nourishing cream instead of a moisturizer. Eliminate alkaline soap and cosmetics based on alcohol./li>


This type is determined by the increased work of the sebaceous glands - releasing a lot of fat, the skin glitters. Such skin is prone to the appearance of black spots, inflammation and acne, as a rule, the pores are enlarged. It is very important not to make a mistake - excessive drying of such a skin with alcohol-containing cosmetics can achieve the opposite effect, provoke the activity of the sebaceous glands. Over time, this skin often acquires the characteristics of a mixed type.

  1. In the morning and in the evening - washing with contrasting water (cool and warm, since hot water activates sebaceous glands even more) and necessarily moisturizing with cream.
  2. Daily wipe with lotion (if necessary several times during the day).
  3. Regularly do the peeling (do not perform if there are inflammations), masks with clay.
  4. In the summer include in the care of rubbing with ice (frozen herbal decoction). Mixed (combined)

Mixed (combined)

Based on the name it is clear that such a skin combines the characteristics of several types. Distinctive features - the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) shines, has enlarged pores, is prone to the formation of black dots. The area around the eyes and cheeks have signs of dry skin - perhaps peeling, tightening, dull color.

  1. In the morning - cleansing with lotion, wiping with tonic and moisturizing.
  2. In the evening - skin cleansing. Moistening with a nutritious cream, avoiding the T-zone.
  3. Regular use of exfoliating agents (scrubs) and nourishing masks. Also avoiding the T-zone.

So, to determine your skin type, you need to remove makeup / cleanse your face, wash your face and let your skin breathe and rest for a couple of hours. Next, look at the skin features (enlarged pores, the presence of black spots, inflammation, redness, peeling), evaluate the sensations (feeling tight, tingling), the activity of the sebaceous glands (in which area the skin is greasy and glitters), you can also use a napkin to To understand which area is more prone to fat content. Definitions