Signals of our skin

What our skin tells us

n cosmetics packages we see the different characteristics of the skin for which it is intended, and sometimes we do not always understand if a particular product suits us. Now we will try to understand some of the concepts, namely, sensitive and problematic skin. It is worth noting that these are not skin types, but its features. Regardless of the type, the skin can have these properties, however some types are more prone to any features (dry skin is often sensitive, fatty - problematic).

Correct and regular care is a guarantee of beauty!

What does the concept "correctly" include?

This saying is true for many areas, but we will dwell in more detail on facial care. It is important to understand that you need to take care of your skin not only by properly chosen methods and means, but also regularly. It's like with physical exercises - if you do it right (from the technical point of view), but irregularly, you will not achieve the desired result. What does the concept "correctly" include?

How do we get such results?

How we get brilliant results

We are often asked how these results are achieved, which we proclaim: Is this a revolution for caring for problem skin of the face?

And it's not a secret ...

How to take care of the skin in winter?

Three "winter" advice for the skin.

What to do if the skin "freezes", and there is a feeling of discomfort and tightness?